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What does our resource mean for you?

This portal is a comprehensive pool of knowledge to assist decisions on investment or bidding in Nepal by foreign investors. The portal will help you to:

  • Evaluate tax and legal risk of working and doing business in Nepal.
  • Consider tax implications when preparing cost proposal to bid in an international tender in Nepal
  • Understand the investment process and choose among available alternatives
  • Help to choose appropriate legal structure and decide on entry strategy for doing business in Nepal
  • Consider WHT implications in case of service and sale of goods in Nepal, hiring expatriate employee and consultants
  • Get detailed insights on various aspects of corporate, tax and labor law compliance.
  • Focus more on strategic issues relating to your investment as your other queries are already taken care off.

Instead of searching for right accountant or a lawyer, negotiating fees with them and spending time on getting your queries, you can now simply register in the portal and get answer to your queries. The questions included in the pool comes from our experience of advising international clients.

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Knowledge base that gives insights on tax, legal and business practices in Nepal.

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