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Working in Nepal as a foreign expatriate can involve some challenges, but it is generally possible.

Foreign nationals typically need a work permit to legally work in Nepal. These permits are issued by the Department of Labor and Employment Promotion. The employer in Nepal usually initiates the work permit application process on behalf of the foreign employee. Professions such as teaching, volunteering, and working for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are common avenues for expatriates. Employment opportunities for foreigners may be more abundant in certain sectors such as development organizations, tourism, and multinational companies. Living conditions in Nepal can vary significantly depending on the location. Major cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara may offer more amenities and a higher standard of living, while rural areas might have fewer resources.

English is often used in business and tourism, but knowledge of the Nepali language can be beneficial, especially for certain jobs and daily life interactions. Understanding and adapting to the local culture is important for a positive expatriate experience. Nepal has a diverse cultural landscape with various ethnic groups and traditions.

Immigration and employment regulations can change, so does tax law. Our expatriate package is intended to help you minimise the risk of non-compliance and also to ensure you pay the correct amount of tax in Nepal.


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