Visa Categories in Nepal

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What are the different categories of Visa issued by Government of Nepal?

A foreign national may be granted different types of visa such as:

Diplomatic visa: A Diplomatic Visa is granted to such persons holding a diplomatic passport issued from any country and is recommended by the concerned foreign diplomatic mission for such a visa. It is issued on the basis of reciprocity and may be extended.

Official Visa: An Official Visa is granted to such persons who are considered fit by the Government of Nepal upon the recommendation of the concerned foreign diplomatic missions who are serving as administrative, technical and non-diplomatic officials in a residential or non-residential diplomatic missions or consulates; or as experts staying in Nepal under an agreement with the Government; or as employees serving in the offices of the United Nations or its agencies or other international or regional institutions.

Tourist visa: For Tourist. Cannot work with or without remuneration.

Study visa: A study visa is granted to such foreigners and their family who, having obtained the approval of the Government, come to study, teach or conduct research in any educational institution in Nepal.

Non- tourist visa: Non-tourist visa is granted to foreigners and their family members who are involved in social and economic development activities approved by the Government of Nepal, who have obtained recommendation to serve an organization run by foreign missions located in Nepal, foreigner who has obtained recommendation for foreign newspapers and news agencies, foreigner who has obtained permission to work on remuneration basis, foreigner who has obtained recommendation to serve for any international air organization located in Nepal, foreign importers visiting in Nepal from third countries. Generally Non-Tourist visa is commonly used for working purpose [but not all such as relation visa or marriage visa] and also termed working visa.

Business visa: A Business Visa is granted to those foreigners and their family members who have obtained a permission to make investment in Nepal or the authorized representatives of such investors, including those foreigners who have obtained the license to carry export trade from Nepal.

Transit visa: A transit visa is granted to those foreigners who arrive in Nepal only for the purpose of transit to any other port of destination or emergency landing to the airport of Nepal owing to easy cause.

Non-residential Nepalese Visa: This visa is granted to foreigners of Nepalese origin who wish to reside in or conduct business, study, teach or research in Nepal.

Residential visa: This visa is granted to those foreigners who have an international reputation, or who is capable to rendering outstanding contribution to the development of Nepal, or those foreigners who have invested a minimum of one hundred thousand US dollars in an enterprise in Nepal or those foreigners, who wish to spend their life in Nepal without carrying on any business.

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