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General Information for foreign nationals

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This is general information published by Department of Immigration from time to time for foreign nationals and reproduced here.

General Information

  • Make sure you are eligible for Visa on Arrival before boarding on the plane.
  • You can apply for Pre Arrival visa at diplomatic missions (embassies/consulates) of Nepal Government of Nepal. You should enter into Nepal within six months from the date of visa issuance. If you do not, your visa gets cancelled.
  • Make sure you get your arrival and departure certified at the Entry and Exit points. Check Arrival and Departure stamp before you leave Immigration points.
  • Do not exceed 150 days limit of tourist visa in a given visa year.
  • Extend your visa if necessary. Not extending on time is subject to fines and penalties
  • Presence in Nepal without passport and valid visa is subject to legal consequences. Tampering with visa and its information is strictly prohibited.
  • Comply with the conditions of visa strictly. The Department of Immigration can cancel visa and take legal actions (if necessary) against non compliance and violation of Immigration laws. Change category of visa if required. However, do not involve in activities other than purpose of the obtained Visa.
  • Contact the ‘Department of Immigration’ for visa transfer after obtaining new passport or travel document from your embassy.
  • Refrain from activities that can lead to Visa Cancellation, detention and deportation.
  • Refrain from political activities.

Trekking and Travel Information

  • Do not deviate from prescribed route of Trekking permit. Any deviation is considered unlawful.
  • Register yourself at the police check point along the trail. Also, register your travel schedule at your Embassy or Consulate.
  • Do not make films or documentaries on your trek without obtaining necessary permit from the  Department of Information.
  • Change your money with authorized money changing agents only and get the receipt of your transaction.
  • Carry your passport and trekking permits throughout your trekking journey.
  • Contact nearest police station in case of emergency. You can also contact Tourist police.
  • Respect local traditions, customs, values and sentiments
  • Help to protect local culture and maintain local pride.
  • Respect privacy and get permission before clicking pictures of general public
  • Follow local etiquette.
  • Refrain from giving money and sweets to children. Do not encourage begging.
  • Leave the camp site clean
  • Encourage your guides and porter to protect and conserve natural environment.
  • Keep  water sources clean

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