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Various purposes for which a foreigner may enter Nepal

Foreign national may enter in Nepal for various purpose. The category of visa depends on the purpose of visit.

The purpose of travel depends on the requirements of the person, provided that any person may visit Nepal except targeted Sanction List or Deported by the Department of Immigration or any concerned authority of Nepal for the term as prescribed  at the time of deportation]

The purposes that immigration law recognizes may include:

  • As tourist
  • As diplomats representing Diplomatic Missions and international organization and UN Agencies
  • As an official of foreign diplomatic mission,
  • As students, teachers and researchers
  • As business surveyors,
  • As skilled workers to explore work opportunity as expatriates
  • As the members of Board of Director or representative of Foreign Investment Company or the business entity to carry business
  • As Country Representatives or Directors  representing INGOs
  • As a transit passenger during extraterritorial travel
  • As a resident being spouses or partner of foreign national working in Nepal
  • As volunteers etc.

Tourist Visa ‘On Arrival’ is the only entry visa to Nepal. If you are visiting Nepal for the purposes other than Tourism (sightseeing, tour, travel, mountaineering, trekking, visiting friends and families), you should still get ‘ Tourist Visa’ to get into the country.  However, you must change the category of visa as per your purpose and length of stay in Nepal from Department of Immigration by producing required documents. For e.g. if you need to work in Nepal, you first enter Nepal as tourist visa and convert visitor visa to work visa.

However, no business work [income generating] is allowed on a tourist visa.

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