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Nepal- General Profile

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Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia, sandwiched between India and China. We are relatively small with just an area of 1,41,181 sq. km, stretching 885 km from east to west and 193 km north to south. The population of Nepal is about 2,91,92,480 (as per census 2021). Despite of being small in size, there are 125 communities.

Nepal is a Multiethnic and Multilingual nation where 129 languages are used as a mother tongue by different cultural and religious groups but the most official language is Nepali and almost 45% of the population speaks it.

Expect for the Maoist War for 10 years, Nepal has always remained a terror free country and safe for solo travelers. We are not much into the limelight in the world stage, however, there are several peculiar things that keeps us apart. Nepal is known for the home to eight of the top ten mountains of the world, including Mount Everest. Nepal is trekkers paradiseand you can literally trek in Nepal for several days and just see the mountains.

Now coming to the flag, Nepal is the only country that has triangular flag in the world. Making a proper flag isn’t that easy and if you want to give a try, there is a video on the sidebar by Dr. James Grime, a London based mathematician.

You must have definitely heard of brave Gurkhas soldiers. They are originally from Nepal and now from some Indian state adjoining Nepal. Gurkhas have fought for British since 1816 across the world, including the World War I and II, Falklands war and Gallipolli War. Gurkhas had the honor of protecting Trump-Kim summit(2018) in Singapore.

Nepal has remained independent and don’t have any independence day to celebrate. Nepali Calendar is approximately 56 years and 8 months ahead of the English Calendar. We use Bikram Sambat as an official calendar and this does not make doing business difficult in Nepal though. We will discuss about this in other sections of the portal.

Following is the general profile of Nepal and elsewhere in this portal, there are further more information that could be relevant for you.

Population2,91,92,480 (as per census2021)
Area1,41,181 sq. km
Official country nameFederal Democratic Republic
Government systemMultiparty Parliamentary system
PresidentRam Chandra Poudel
CurrencyNepalese Rupee (NPR)
GDP141.1 Billions (2022)
Major LanguageNepali
Life Expectancy70 years (Female), 66 years (male)

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