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Depending on your preferred sector of investment and business structure in Nepal, you might be dealing with one or more than one regulator. Here we list out the key bodies that are part of the regulatory ecosystem of Nepal.

Office of Company Registrar (CRO)– Company Registrar oversees the company registration work. All limited liability companies and not-for-profit companies are registered with CRO.

Foreign Investment Approval is provided by three different bodies primarily based on amount of investment.

a) Department of Industries- DOI grants foreign investment approval below NPR 2 billion.

b) Industrial Promotion Board- The Board provides foreign investment approval for investment between NPR 2 billion to less than NPR 10 billion.

c) Investment Board Nepal- The Board provides foreign investment approval for all FDI from NPR 10 billion to above.

Nepal Rastra Bank (Central Bank of Nepal)- NRB approval is required for remitting foreign currency into Nepal for FDI purposes.

Other regulatory bodies includes:

  • Investment and Industrial Promotion Board
  • Insurance Board
  • Civil Aviation Authority
  • Nepal Telecommunications Authority
  • Ministry of Environment



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