Minimum wages in Nepal

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What is the current applicable minimum pay for employees/workers in Nepal?

The Ministry has prescribed separate minimum remuneration/wage for the workers/employees working (a) Minimum Wage Other than Tea Estate and (b) Minimum Wage Tea Estate.  

The Government of Nepal, Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security has revised the minimum remuneration/wages of the employees other than those working in the tea estate under Section 106 Sub Section 3 of the Labor Act, 2017 (2074) by publishing a Nepal Gazette on May 03, 2021 (2078-01-20). 

The Minimum Wage is effective from the July 16, 2021 (2078-04-01). 

The minimum wage is prescribed by the government is as below.  

(a) other than tea estate  

S.N   Minimum Remuneration/ Wage  Basic Remuneration  (Rs.)  Dearness Allowances (Rs.)  Total (Rs.) 
1   Monthly   Rs. 9,385/-   Rs. 5,615/-   Rs. 15,000/-  
2   Daily   Rs. 361/-   Rs. 216/-   Rs. 577/-  
3   Hourly   Rs. 48/-   Rs. 29/-   Rs. 77/-  


(b) in the tea estate 

(As per notice in Nepal Gazette (Volume 68, August 16, 2018 (2075-04-31) Number 20) on Aug. 16, 2018 (2075-04-31) (“Gazette Notice“). 

S.N   Minimum Remuneration/  


Basic Remuneration  (Rs.)  Dearness Allowances (Rs.)  Total (Rs.) 
1   Monthly   Rs. 6,469/-   Rs. 4,312/-   Rs. 10,781/-  
2   Daily   Rs. 231/-   Rs. 154/-   Rs. 385/-  
3   Hourly   Rs 31/-   Rs 20/-   Rs 51/-  
4   Daily Allowances for the worker/employees working at Tea Processing and Tea Factories and Sardar, Naike and Security Guard working in the Tea Estate   –   –   Rs 42/-  


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