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Subscription offer for ACCA Members

by dbusiness

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)is  a globally recognized professional accountancy body providing qualifications and advancing standards in accountancy worldwide. 

Founded in 1904 to widen access to the accountancy profession, ACCA have long championed inclusion and today proudly support a diverse community of over 247,000 members and 526,000 future members in 181 countries (Souce- ACCA Global extracted on 20 Jan. 2024) .  

ACCA in Nepal actively engages with Government, regulators and other stakeholders of accounting profession in Nepal. ACCA has provided technical and financial resources for building IFRS and Public Financial Management capability, imparting accounting trainings and running tax payer education programs in Nepal. 

ACCA Nepal has a good membership and student base in Nepal, with its members working in public practice, not-for-profit and public and private sector.

Subscription Offer for ACCA members in Nepal

The final phase of Doing Business in Nepal project was supported by ACCA in Nepal.  This was primarily for component 1 of the project- Supporting businesses through knowledge portal. 

As a recognition for support of ACCA Nepal in the project, ACCA members will receive 15% discount in DBN Tender and DBN Enterprise subscription package in the portal. Please opt for free registration for starter package and contact us prior to subscribing paid contents. 



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