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The study visa is granted to the foreigners, and to their family members, who, after having obtained the approval of the Government of Nepal, come to study, teach or conduct research works in any educational institutions in Nepal.

Study visa is issued to foreign students pursuing academic /non academic degree and research in Nepal. It is issued by the Department of Immigration upon the recommendation of line agency (Ministry of Education). It is also issued to teachers/professors involved in academic work (teaching) in Nepal upon recommendations from the concerned agencies of Nepal Government. It is issued for maximum of one year as per the recommendation or length of study.

Fund requirements

Except in cases of scholarships as under program approved by Govt. of Nepal or under agreement between two SAARC universities, foreigners willing to study in Nepal should submit:

a) either a document indicating the authentic source that they can make yearly expenses of a minimum of three thousand American dollars or Nepalese currency equivalent thereto at a time or on a monthly
installment basis during their stay in Nepal, and

b) in the case of their family members, that they can make yearly expenses of a minimum of two thousand American dollars or Nepalese currency equivalent thereto or a certificate of exchange of foreign currency  equivalent thereto or a document indicating the balance of Nepalese currency equivalent thereto with a local bank.

Study visa period

The study visa is granted for one year at a time. If the study visa has to be granted for a period in excess thereof, its term may be extended by taking into consideration of the study and research progress report of such a person, his or her activities as well as other necessary matters.  Provided that in the case of a person carrying out research or study, such extension of term shall be only for up to the period of research or that of educational degree under study.

In the case of foreigners who pursue study on technical subjects, the study visa may be granted at one time for up to the period of educational degree in the subject concerned.

Necessary Documents

  • Recommendation letter from Ministry of Education
  • University /College Admission Receipt (original)
  • Bank Statement (latest one week) with sufficient funds.
  • Online Application form.
  • Copies of passport and latest Nepali Visa
  • Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificate ( for those applying their spouse and children as dependents)
  • Progress report Card (for renewal of  Student Visa)

For Researcher applying for student visa, following additional documents should also be produced;

  • Offer/Appointment letter from Academic Institution of Nepal (eg -University)
  • General Agreement between two Academic Institutions (of Nepal and abroad)

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